Webinar – Video Replay

Video of – Misophonia Treatment and Management Options for Individuals

This webinar was presented on December 3, 2018 and December 4, 2018 and can be viewed on video.

Have you hear of functional neurology? How about inhibitory learning model for exposure therapy? How does adding memory reconsolidation make Sequent Repatterning hypnotherapy more effective? Have you every heard of the Psychosomatic Remediation Technique? What is counterconditioning and how can it help young children with misophonia?

All of these and much more will be included in this webinar.

These presentations have been specially chosen for Misophonia Institute as it enters its fourth year. The Institute is run by volunteers giving freely their time and expertise, and costs are always kept to a minimum. This is your opportunity to find out much more about misophonia, living with misophonia and getting treatment. It’s also your opportunity to help and this is a time of year for giving.  This video is your gift for a donation of $20 or more.  It is fully tax deductible as well as ensuring the future of Misophonia Institute and its continuing success.

This webinar was presented by Tom Dozier, president of Misophonia Institute.  Tom organized the 1st International Misophonia Research Symposium, along with help from the Misophona Association.  Tom has dedicated the last 6 years to the study of misophonia.  He has conducted 3 misophonia research, has 5 peer review journal articles (with 2 more in review), and is the author of book Understanding and Overcoming Misophonia, 2nd edition.

This presentation is designed for individuals suffering with misophonia and their loved ones.

Remember that all proceeds goes to support the Misophonia Institute.  After you donate (click here to donate), email president@misophoniainstitute.org and ask for access to the video (and download via dropbox if you wish). You can also donate with the link on the top of this  page.