Misophonia Trigger Tamer App

The smartphone app makes it easy to do your homework for the Neural Repatterning Technique (NRT) treatment.  This app lets you adjust the trigger to create a minimal reaction.  It will let you choose your favorite songs for the treatment.  It will let you choose which trigger you will work on each day.  Available on iPhone and Android.

For a demonstration of the app, click here.

There was a free version of the app for iPhone, but I found that people were trying to see if it “worked” for them.  The free version was not suitable for treatment, and is no longer available.  If you really cannot afford the $40 for the app, then I can subsidize you.  Contact me by email.

For the full version of the iPhone app, click here. (temporarily unavailable due to changes in iOS 9)

For the Android version of the app, click here.

For tutorials, click the links below.
The Android version is very similar to the iPhone version, but does look a bit different.

Navigating Screens – http://youtu.be/ogRQY5PHVj0
Creating a Playlist – http://youtu.be/45nHW_W3Qc8
Creating a Trigger – http://youtu.be/7Z6TDRosMBQ
Settings Options – http://youtu.be/6ZX9Fb99xO8
Treatment Options – http://youtu.be/bDj0yFfWAUw
Effective Treatments – http://youtu.be/8r51ssOOiOU
ecording and Editing Triggers – http://youtu.be/vSB4cRFVqS8

HELP CONNECTING Mac and Android phone – Load app Android File Transfer (https://www.android.com/filetransfer) on your Mac.  This allows you to connect the Android phone to your Mac USB port.


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The Dozier Misophonia Trigger Tamer is available on iTunes as of 8/25/17.  The app is available on Google Play for Android devices as the Misophonia Trigger Tamer Plus.  It is also available on Amazon.com.



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