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This page is to list professional who completed Misophonia Institute training titled Diagnosing and Assessing Misophonia.

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Individuals listed on this page can provide help in person or by internet video-chat.  Video-chat services such as VSee are confidential, but Skype is not confidential.  Many professionals only provide video-chat treatment to individuals in their state.

Owner Misophonia Treatment Institute
Work 5801 Arlene Way Livermore, CA 94550 United States Work Phone: 925-322-5100 Website:
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APHP (Acc), BBRS (Adv Prac), NRPC (acc), CNHC (all of these are in the UK) BSc(Hons) Therapy Step by Step
Work 28, Nicholas Court Corney Reach Way London W4 2TS United Kingdom Work Phone: +44 (0) 7818504780 Skype: therapystepbystep
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John Cox Health and Physiotherapy Practice
Work 9, The High Street Upton, West Yorkshire WF9 1HR United Kingdom Work Phone: +44(0)754 220 4445
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