The Trigger Tamer Apps

The Trigger Tamer Apps

There are two versions of the Trigger Tamer apps. The app with the blue brain icon is called the Misophonia Trigger Tamer, and it uses an audio recording for the trigger. The app with the green head is the Visual Trigger Tamer, and it uses a video recording for the trigger.

MisophoniaTrigger Tamer, Home Screen

Misophonia Trigger Tamer, Treatment Screen

Visual Trigger Tamer, Home Screen

Visual Trigger Tamer, Treatment Control Screen

The Misophonia Trigger Tamer has better control of the trigger for sounds and is available on both iTunes and Google Play. The Visual Trigger Tamer is available on Google Play and the iTunes version is in development. It allows you to use a visual and audio trigger, so if you have trouble triggering to an audio recording, you may trigger to the video/audio combination. But the Visual Trigger Tamer has less control of the timing and options for the trigger. The Misophonia Trigger Tamer has a recorder and good sound editor built into it, but for the Visual Trigger Tamer, you will need to use other programs to record and edit your triggers.

Another difference in the two apps is that the Misophonia Trigger Tamer only allows audio recordings for the positive stimulus playlist, but the Visual Trigger Tamer lets you use a combination of audio recordings, pictures, and videos for the positive stimulus playlist.

The Neural Repatterning Technique complements other treatments such as the Misophonia Management Protocol, where you use either background sound or the audiologist-provided sound generators that go behind the ear. The MMP provides a way to reduce your real-world response to triggers, and the NRT treatment helps you bring those reflexes down to make it even better. Cognitive or dialectal behavioral therapy (CBT or DBT) are very good for dealing with the emotional upheaval from the trigger, but they don’t get rid of the actual trigger response. Adding the NRT treatment helps you reduce the misophonia trigger reflex that is the cause of the strong misophonic emotions.