Treating the Initial Reflex of Misophonia with NRT and PMR

This manuscript was published in Psychological Thought in 2015.  This patient responded extremely well to the NRT treatment and also using muscle relaxation in real-world settings for other triggers.  This patient had a very clear physical reflex, and so supports the view that if the physical reflex can be eliminated, the emotional response is also eliminated.

The article title is “Title: Treating the Initial Physical Reflex of Misophonia with the Neural Repatterning Technique: A Counterconditioning Procedure.”

Click this link to read the article – Dozier, 2015, Treating the Initial Reflex of Misophonia, 2015

Here is the citation for the article.  Dozier, T. H. (2015). Treating the initial physical reflex of misophonia with the neural repatterning technique: A counterconditioning procedure. Psychological Thought8(2), 189-210.

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