Misophonia Research Symposium videos

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The Misophonia Institute and Misophonia Association hosted the 1st International Misophonia Research Symposium  on August 4, 2018 in San Francisco, California East Bay.  Eleven misophonia researchers presented in person or by video.  The presentations are now available to you on video if you make a donation of $25 or more to Misophonia Institute.  (donate now).

Video Topic Presenter Length
1 Wecome Marsha Johnson 1:41
2 Misophonia Overview and Survey Data Tom Dozier 10:58
3 Initial Physical Response of Misophonia Tom Dozier 2:02
4 The Brain Basis for Misophonia Sukhbinder Kumar 15:40
5 Misophonia – A Preliminary Proposal for a Theoretical Framework Sukhbinder Kumar 13:21
6 Misophonia: A Conditioned Aversive Reflex Disorder Tom Dozier 22:25
7 Theory of Misophonia Discussion 17:27
8 Misophonia: Heredity? Learning behavior? Impaired selective attention? Tanit Ganz Sanchez 0:47
8 Q&A 8:18
9 Proposed Diagnostic Criteria for Misophonia Chris Pearson 14:53
10 Should Misophonia be Classified as a New Psychiatric Disorder? Steve Taylor 2:39
10 Q&A 18:30
11 Misophonia in Singaporean Psychiatric Patients Tian Ci (Travis) Quek 12:14
12  Misophonia: Preliminary Findings from a Randomized Clinical Trial Dean  McKay 0:11
13 Case Study: A Novel Application of Mindfulness- and Acceptance-Based Components to Treat Misophonia Rebecca Schneider 0:37
14 Sequent Repatterning: Enhancing an Established Therapy with Reconsolidation Chris Pearson 22:54
15 Counterconditioning and Muscle Relaxation Treatment for Misophonia Tom Dozier 1:37
15 Q&A 16:21
16 EEG and Misophonia Research Study Proposal Nilima Salankar 12:19
17 Misophonia: The General Perspective and the Association with Affective Empathy Mercede Erfanian not included

The symposium was designed for those have conducted misophonia research, are conducting misophonia research, or are funding misophonia research.  Professionals who provide treatment (or interested in providing treatment) to individuals with misophonia also attended.

The conference provided discussion on questions such as:
– What is misophonia?
– What causes misophonia?
– How does misophonia develop, maintain, and expand?
– What treatments help and why?
– Ideas for future research on misophonia.

 Some highlights of the symposium that you will learn about by watching the presentations.
  • Sequent Repatterning Hypnotherapy has been enhanced by adding memory reconsolidaiton to the treatment framework.  You will see the data collected from almost 500 people treated vs. the last 80 who had the additional benefit of memory reconsolidation.
  • Fordam University Misophonia Treatment Study preleminary results are were presented by Dean McKay.  These are very hopeful results for misophonia treatment with stress managment and a special exposure procedure (which also incorporated memory reconsolidation).
  • Is misophonia caused by a brain defect or brain learning principles.  find out the implications of research by Sukhbinder Kumar and Tom Dozier.
  • And more… much more.

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