Misophonia Research Symposium

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The Misophonia Institute and Misophonia Association are excited to announce the 1st International Misophonia Research Symposium will be held on August 4, 2018 in San Francisco, California East Bay area (more precisely, Four Points by Sheraton in Pleasanton, CA).  Researchers can attend in person or by video.  The conference is designed for those have conducted misophonia research, are conducting misophonia research, or are funding misophonia research.  Graduate students who are planning to conduct misophonia research are welcome to attend.  Professionals who provide treatment (or interested in providing treatment) to individuals with misophonia are also welcome.

You can attend in person or via internet.

This conference will allow ample discussion on questions such as:
– What is misophonia?
– What causes misophonia?
– How does misophonia develop, maintain, and expand?
– What treatments help and why?
– Ideas for future research on misophonia.

Who will be presenting (so far)

– Sukhbinder Kumar
– Dean McKay
– Rebecca Schneider
– Steven Taylor
– Tanit Ganz Sanchez
– Mercede Erfanian
– Chris Pearson
– Tom Dozier
– Tian Ci (Travis) Quek
– Nilima Salankar

Cost- Register by July 6 for the prices shown below

– People who have published misophonia research or articles:  Free
– Professionals providing treatment for misophonia: $199 (late registration $249)
– Professionals interested in providing treatment for misophonia:  $199 (late registration $249)
– Graduate students interested in conducting research on misophonia: $49 (late registration $59)

Register Now – Register by July 6 to avoid late registration fees

Registration link: https://attendee.gototraining.com/r/676812469066561794
Registration Discount Codes
– PUBLISHED – free
– PRESENTER – free

Email Tom Dozier at tdozier@misophoniainstitute.org for more information.

Please Share

We invited everyone who has published research on misophonia.  If you know anyone who is conducting misophonia research, please share this with them and ALSO send an email to Tom Dozier at tdozier@misophoniainstitute.org and we will personally invite them.