Jastreboffs report successful treatment for misophonia

Margaret and Pawel Jastreboff have treated patients with misophonia for at least 15 years.  Their work was recently summarized in an article in Seminars in Hearing (2014) in an article titled “Treatments for Decreased Sound Tolerance (Hyperacusis and Misophonia).”   The article summarizes the treatment of about 201 patients with misophonia or hyperacusis.  These results show that they have an effective treatment for misophonia.

Of the 184 patients with misophonia, 152 (83%) had significant improvement in their misophonia.  They refer to their treatment as a form of Tinnitus Retraining
Therapy (TRT).  This generally includes behind-the-ear sound generators and gradual exposure to the trigger in positive situations.

Their treatment for misophonia is similar to that provided by the Misophonia Treatment Institute and Tom Dozier (but the sound generators must be purchased from an audiologist).  We have also seen many positive outcomes from our treatment.

The Jastreboffs have a clinic in Columbia, Maryland and are listed on this website under Treatment Providers (TRT Treatment).

If you would like to read the article, here it is.  Jastreboff & Jastreboff (2014) Treatments for Decreased Sound Tolerance.