Diagnosing Misophonia Course

Diagnosing and Assessing Misophonia Course

The Misophonia Association will soon offer an internet course on Diagnosing and Assessing Misophonia for licensed clinicians.  The exact content of the course needs to be finalized.  We expect that you will earn 10 CE hours for this course, which will include reading of pertinent materials, a video conference class, discussion, and testing.  The class will be limited to 10 participants so that meaningful interaction will be possible.

If you are interested in this class, please email tdozier@misophoniainstitute.org.  We hope to have the first class in September, 2017.  This can only happen after the approval of our peer-review journal article, Proposed Diagnostic Criteria for Misophonia.  This opinion paper is authored by the directors of the Misophonia Institute – Thomas Dozier, Michelle Lopez, and Chris Pearson.

The Misophonia Institute has a goal of training at least 2 therapists in every state, so that individuals may easily get a diagnosis.  The Misophonia Institute will maintain a directory of trained clinicians on misophoniainstitute.org.